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Why digital customer self-service is a critical component of CX transformation


How you can harness modern development platforms and AI to create frictionless customer service applications

Customers expect the ability to handle issues quickly and efficiently without waiting for your Help Desk. Here's how to make that happen for them.



When it comes to providing a positive customer experience, self-service options are no longer 'nice to have', they're essential. No-one wants to pick up the phone and have a lengthy wait on hold; if there's a quick and easy way they can resolve an issue themselves, that's what most customers will go for. This eBook looks at how using customer feedback and AI can help you improve your release and have a customer experience that attracts new customers and retains existing ones.

Learn about:

  • Customer acquisition - creating frictionless self-service onboarding processes to minimise frustration and drop-off
  • Customer engagement - keeping your existing customers happy by providing fast, efficient self-service capabilities any time they interact with your brand. It can happen within customer web portals, dedicated mobile apps and progressive web apps
  • Challenges to creating great customer self-service experiences and how to use modern application development platforms to overcome them
  • Best practices for digital self-service
  • Development platforms - the modern vs. the traditional approach


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