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A shrinking tech talent pool or an opportunity?


A guide to evaluating your options for overcoming the digital skills shortage.

How do you undergo business transformation projects when recruiting is tough? How do you get the quality and experience you need to get a business transformation project to market and stay ahead of the competition?



The skills shortage brought on by the pandemic has hit the tech sector especially hard, and is having a knock-on effect to all industries. The good news is that there are ways to meet the challenges of the digital skills shortage. In this eBook, we'll help you to understand your options so you can continue to innovate and grow. We’ll cover these key areas:

  • A close look at the challenges surrounding the digital skills shortage – demand, experience, upskilling, retention, poaching and digital transformation
  • What the digital skills shortage means for your business – why you need to have begun your digital transformation journey
  • Meeting the challenges of the digital skills shortage – what can you do to ensure you have the skilled staff you need?


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