Tech debt is estimated to cost businesses $5 trillion in the next 10 years. But tech debt can be managed.

Our partner, OutSystems, surveyed IT leaders around the globe on the topic of tech debt to better understand challenges, initiate discussions leading to real-world solutions. Here are the results.

A peek inside...

Insights into how companies across the globe and across industries view technical debt, in terms of the cost of the problem, its causes and possible solutions. The findings are designed to create increased awareness and understanding of the issue, and spark discussions that can lead to real-world solutions.

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Learn about:

  • A big bite out of budgets - limiting the resources businesses can dedicate to developing new capabilities as well as upgrading existing operations
  • What's behind the problem? - a look at several related factors that contribute to the growing trend
  • A threat to innovation - tech debt undermines a business's ability to thrive and compete in today’s business landscape
  • Hardest hit industries - which are blowing their IT budgets on technical debt?
  • A daunting task - the challenge of reducing tech debt
  • The good news - significantly reduce tech debt by utilising modern application development platforms

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