How to build a complete enterprise-grade app in under 30 minutes

Can a low-code platform really build a robust system in less than an hour?

In this interactive, virtual workshop, we demonstrate the power of the OutSystems low-code platform to build a mobile application and a backend web application and also deploy it to an iOS or Android device in 30 minutes.

Learn about how OutSystems can help you develop complex, robust applications in a fraction of the time. Discover what you can build with OutSystems, and get a first-hand look at how developers keep complete control and still customise any part of an application.

See what happens when ReactJS, microservices, full CI/CD, and much more come together in a single platform.



Watch the webinar recording


What was covered:

  • How to use low-code technology to rapidly deliver enterprise-grade apps with the latest tech including microservices, PWAs, and ReactJS.
  • Leveraging OutSystems' built-in UI templates and custom out-of-the-box features.
  • Adding custom code to deploy progressive web apps for both iOS and Android systems.
  • Using readily available integrations to existing authentication systems, APIs, and data sources from existing applications such as SAP or Salesforce.