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Understanding the must-haves of modern data protection


How you can harness modern development platforms and AI to create frictionless customer service applications

Today, organisations expect much more from data protection solutions, they are demanding modern data resilience solutions designed to operate both on-prem and in the cloud. Requirements have evolved from merely data backup and recovery solutions to a new comprehensive approach.

This eBook explains how data protection unifies data recovery, retention, and reuse across hybrid multicloud environments—as well as supports cybersecurity objectives. Find out more here.



Data protection solutions must now deal with exponential data growth and new workloads, recover quickly in the event of a cyberattack, and improve the efficacy of analytics and efficiency of development. In this eBook, you’ll learn about:

Learn about:

  • Better performance and lower costs – the importance of rapid recovery and efficient and cost-effective storage
  • How to reduce risk and unify protection across hybrid environments – cyber resiliency and complexity
  • How to simplify management with lower operational costs, easier data usage and making use of self-service data access
  • The benefits of modern data protection – see them in action
  • How to make modern data protection a priority


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