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Rising to the challenge of digital transformation

Why the creation of a smooth digital customer experience can differentiate your insurance business in the marketplace

This eBook looks at the increasing uptake of InsurTech, and how it's leading digital transformation in the insurance industry


It's time to focus on how to keep pace with your customers' changing expectations on how you're going to engage with them so that your business stands out in the industry.

Learn about:

  • InsurTech - the value of technology through market uncertainty
  • Evaluating the cost of change – the specific challenges the modern environment faces, and which must be overcome in order to deliver enterprise-grade digital insurance solutions as rapidly as possible
  • Should your digital solution be off-the-shelf or customised? There are pros and cons either way and understanding them will help you to make the right decision
  • The ideal partner for your digital transformation journey - helping evaluate what to look for in a digital partner
  • Technology offering traditional insurance systems with the flexibility to adapt at pace - how we leverage OutSystems’ technology to meet the digital transformation challenges of the insurance industry


Optimation - Rising to the challenge of digital transformation